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Digital Media Fundamentals Program

Digital Media Fundamentals Program

The Merge Media Academy Digital Media Fundamentals program provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the dynamic world of digital media.

In this program, students will explore the fundamental concepts, theories, and practical skills necessary to navigate and succeed in the ever-evolving field of digital media.

Traditional Media

Digital Media

Media Placement

The Merge Media Academy provides a comprehensive course of study in all types of media. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to become independent content creators and to set them up for opportunities in all media disciplines.

As an alternative to a four-year university, we empower our students with the skill set to begin working in less than a year. The Merge Media Academy provides a positive learning environment that advocates considerate, responsible, and emotionally healthy behavior. Our courses help to develop leadership skills and confidence to ensure that all students succeed in their chosen professional field, and ultimately in life!


To learn more, complete the sign-up form or contact us at 303.281.9782.

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Merge Media Academy Digital Media Fundamentals Program

Beginning Your Media Career

Equipment & Tools For The Media Professional

Adobe Audition: The Basics

Adobe Photoshop: The Basics

Introduction to Podcasting: From Idea to Broadcast

The Art of News Reporting: From Novice to Professional

Sportscasting For Beginners: Essential Skills for Aspiring Commentators

The Power of Effective Public Speaking In The Digital Age

How To Use Social Media To Build Your Personal Brand

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